I have worked for a certified arborist and since then have designed and installed many landscapes and gardens. 

The site before ...

And After.


First, a new patio and sidewalk  of colored and stamped concrete was installed.

Using native stones, I designed and installed this lovely rock garden for the left side of the new entry walk .  On the sunny right side, I used bars from the windows of an older building to construct a large trellis. The huge bed is still very young but it already provides lovely contrast to the concrete and brick.

A Japanese Stroll Garden

This design incorporated 10 tons of stone, plenty of cedar, an of course lots of conifers pruned in Bonsai style. 

Below is the water feature installation .

I designed & built this garden from scratch. When the plants get a little older it is going to look even better.

The creek in the background feeds the pond creating a babbling brook sound.

On the other side of the patio I installed a dry creek bed garden, the river stones are permanently set into mortar.

Note the subtle swirl pattern in the river stones.

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